Our design for the Columbus Designer’s Showcase is the living room of a composer, pianist, and collector of 20th century paintings. It pays homage to the works of Edmund Kuehn and the creativity of the imagined composer. Mr. Kuehn was born in Columbus and studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design. He served as Curator, Assistant Director and Director of the Columbus Museum of Art. The interior architecture provides a structure for our composer to write music, play the piano, entertain and relax. Special attention was paid to interior architectural details such as trim moldings, fireplace, and steel windows. We were influenced by some great movie sets of the 1950’s, such as Ingrid Bergman’s apartment in ‘Indiscreet’ and Rock Hudson’s apartment in ‘Pillow Talk’. The light colored walls allow the strong colors, lines, and shapes of Kuehn’s work to take center stage. The choice of materials (such as marble, steel, velvet, and sisal), the layering of objects, and the sophisticated color palette create a warm and enveloping space that perfectly compliments Kuehn’s work.