The Studio

Personable and Memorable Interiors

H&H specializes in the creation of highly custom residential and commercial interiors. Our services include space planning, interior architectural design, interior decoration, furniture design and antique and art acquisitions.

For 22 years we have focused on creating interiors full of beauty and character that reflect the styles and needs of each of our discerning clients. The projects we undertake are overseen from concept to installation with every detail considered and developed, every possibility examined.

We are highly detail oriented and known for our collaborative approach. Depending on a projects needs, we bring together architects, builders and highly skilled artisans and craftspeople. Teamwork is essential in the creation of distinctive interiors that reflect the ideas, needs and styles of our clients.

Our projects vary in size, scope and location. From redecorations of existing homes and offices to major interior architectural redesign and decoration to new build architectural design and decoration – we are right at home in any of these scenarios.

Founded in 2001 by Mark and Terri Huffman, a son-and-mother partnership, the firm is passionate about enriching their client’s lives through elegant and intelligent design.

“Let us cultivate the object, the surface, the material in accordance with its essence and the requirements of the times; let us never indulge in copying old styles, but through a thorough education and a study of old ages’ unfailing taste and dignified approach to style, cultivate our personal style, with the idea of creating cozy beautiful, and grandiose surroundings for the life and activities of contemporary man.”

– P.V. Jensen-Klint in 1901 at the founding of the Society for Decorative Art, Denmark